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BayView Realty

Creating this European Style real estate office for a talented owner in Canton, MD involved a few months of attentive design work. After having an idea for the look and the style, I turned to blue prints from the architect and started on the project. 

The colors were carefully selected using pantone chips, then actual sample paints. I chose which wall received which color based on space, light, and feel of the future office. Office furniture was selected from multiple catalogs making sure that the furniture is modern yet functional. Working closely with the owner I then selected light 
fixtures, accessories, blinds, etc.

Vinyl for windows was the last addition to the design. The logo created by another designer was then recreated in Illustrator and changed for multiple uses. I worked with a sign company directly to have the signs printed and applied. The next step is the facade! Overall the project turned out wonderful and was a pleasure and a challenge to work on. 


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